Happy Customers

Jane and I moved a lot during our careers (and built a lot of houses) and Doug and Teri are, hands down, the best builders we encountered anywhere. Seay Builders essentially designed and then bulit our Lake Gaston home in the early 2000's and they have looked out for us ever since. They were a pleasure to work with and their work was top quality...outstanding.

On top of all this...Doug and Teri actually came to Raleigh and helped us buy our boats, because Doug clearly picked up that we were "lake novices"!

In short, they were outstanding.

Tom & Jane M.

Seay Builders did a FABULOUS job for my wife and I at Lake Gaston. We came with ideas in mind for our lake home, and with the hands on help of Doug & Teri we ended up with our dream vacation home. Doug is a meticulous builder, and I would give him my highest recommendation. I never once had to worry about follow up or the need to push him, he was always a few steps ahead of us. In fact, we have been so pleased that we open up our home for them to show prospective new customers!

R & K Nelson

Happy Customer

We have had Seay Builders (Doug and Teri Peters) build our vacation house (1997) and our guesthouse/garage (2009) at Lake Gaston. We designed the plans for the house and garage, met with Doug, who helped us turn them into formal plans and drafts, and then had him build them as a custom home. We started with just the lot, and Doug managed every part of the process from start to finish. Doug has also helped us in maintaining and fixing things over the years.

Doug Peters (Seay Builders) built a garage guesthouse for us at our vacation house on Lake Gaston in 2009. This is an addition to the main house which was also constructed by him (15 years old and in great shape). My wife and I have the utmost respect for Doug and Teri Peters. In both cases we provided the plans for what we wanted, and Doug helped us turn those into drawings, modify them into a workable plan, and then build our dream.

Doug has great integrity, and does top notch work. This was very important to us because we live about 1.5 hours away, and could not make it up all the time to watch progress. Doug was good at communicating and helping us make decisions (there are always decisions to be made when building a custom home!). Teri handles ordering and assists with interior decorating and does a great job too. She knows all the contractors and suppliers in the area quite well. Between the two of them it was wonderful experience building a house (much better than most experiences).

We have loved our house, and now our guest house, and haven't had any problems with either one. Doug's workmanship is outstanding, and he always does a quality job. Doug contains to help us maintain our house, and is always available when something arises. I can't say enough positive things about them. We evaluated many builders at Lake Gaston before choosing them. We were very happy and still are, with our choice.
I would definitely choose them again to build a house

Brad & Pam Hemminger


Unable to find a house plan we liked, we made a simple drawing of the house we wanted and showed it to Doug Peters of Seay Builders. He took that drawing and created the architectural blueprint for our new home that surpassed our expectations.

Doug presented the building contract and specifications to us, and over the course of several meetings, we worked out the details of our house construction. He fully explained every aspect of the construction and explained how each choice we made would impact our bottom line.

Doug is a hands-on builder. He was involved in all aspects and stages of the construction, doing much of the work himself and overseeing his crew and doublechecking all subcontractors' work to ensure it met his expectations of high quality. Anything that was not up to his high standards was redone. He insisted that the job site be neat and clutter-free.

Doug Peters built us a lovely, solid home. We moved into it in March, 2004, and it has been trouble-free for the past eight years.

In 1999 we purchased a lot in Virginia on Lake Gaston. After my retirement, we were ready to relocate from Northern Virginia to Lake Gaston. Although we interviewed other builders, we kept hearing from many sources that Doug Peters of Seay Builders was the best builder on Lake Gaston. After talking with Doug, we were very impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and attitude. We toured several of his recently built homes with Teri Peters and became even more impressed with the quality of his workmanship.

We met with Doug on our lot. As I mentioned above, we gave him a simple drawing of the house we had in mind. He walked over the lot, explaining the best design and placement for the house after consideration of the lot's slope, water runoff.

Next we met with Doug and Teri as they presented the details of the construction and the estimated cost. The contract and the specifications were very thorough, and Doug and Teri answered all our questions. Throughout the entire building process, both Teri and Doug were always courteous, professional, informative, and very easy to talk to. They were always mindful of our bottom line and would carefully explain the cost implications of our choices and any changes we wanted. No surprises.

Doug often surpasses most building code requirements to build a more structurally sound house. Looking at other homes on the lake constructed by other builders , we were struck time and again at how much stronger built our home is than many others. There were so many instances when Doug went above and beyond basic code requirements to make our house better, simply because he thinks it's the right thing to do. During all phases of construction, Doug was usually working on site himself, insisting on high quality work from his crew, his subcontractors, and himself. Every cut had to be just right or it was done again, even if it would be later covered by drywall. He takes no shortcuts.

During the building process, from beginning to end, Doug and Teri acted with complete professionalism and integrity. We have lived in our Seay Builders home for eight years and have never had a problem with it. Having a builder with high standards and integrity makes a difference. We feel that we received good value for our money. If we were ever to build another home, we would want Doug Peters to build it for us.

Randy & Bobby Langston


Seay Builders built two homes for me and I would use them again. They do quality work, use quality materials, hire competent subcontractors, give good advise, and are very honest. There is not a better builder on Lake Gaston. There are several photos in the gallery of one of the homes they built for me.

Shirley Edwards